Carl Dyke

Founder, CD Industrial Group

Carl Dyke

Founder, CD Industrial Group


Carl Dyke, founder of CD Industrial Group, is a contributing editor for Fluid Power World. For twenty years his team has specialized in media-rich training tools that empower the learner and bring fluid power and electrical control systems to life on-screen. His team has produced Live Schematics for mining machines and pulp mills among numerous industries. Carl’s popular LunchBox Sessions learning site is used in 97 countries.

He leads a team of consultants, educators, tradespersons, writers, programmers and artists to give mobile and industrial users of fluid power technology the best training available.

Carl will be speaking on the following:

The Three Biggest Mistakes in Hydraulic System Maintenance
What does it really take to get long life and system reliability from a hydraulic system? Is it knowing when to change filters or change out components before failure, or is it matter of monitoring parameters and conditions?

In this session Carl will draw on his firm’s twenty years of assistance with maintenance and system training for hydraulic systems across a broad range of industrial applications both mobile and stationary.

Load Sense Hydraulic Functions in 3D
Learning the subtleties of load sense systems is not easy. A colorful exploration of the internal workings of a typical load sense system awaits as Carl shares 2D and 3D fly-through simulations. His team’s experiences with what goes wrong in the winter cold and the summer heat along with the challenges technicians face to understand and adjust these not so basic systems will provide the technical and human stories.

Electrohydraulics Troubleshooting for Motion and Force Control
Proportional valves, servo valves and fine motion control systems offer challenges to the maintainer and troubleshooter. Many proportional valves are used for functions with little to no motion at all. These force control systems come with their own unique challenges. The emphasis will be on understanding the internal workings and normal operating characteristics of electro-hydraulic valves, making system adjustments and maintenance checks for proper operation, and also troubleshooting tips.

Hydraulic System Schematic Reading Skills with Live Schematics
If all symbols were meant to be animated in your mind’s eye, then many symbols still present some real challenges, even for the most active imaginations. Making sense of the symbols and the interconnections on hydraulic system schematic diagrams can be challenging. Join Carl Dyke for an interactive presentation that examines the very brief and recent history of hydraulic symbol standards. Carl will be using Live Schematics simulations to simplify the reading of mining machine and pulp mill hydraulic schematics. Bring your phone, tablet or laptop to the session to interact with the same systems used in the presentation and to receive a complimentary 90 day account on

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